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Sept. 6, 2021

The Power of your Story with Melanie Wilson

The Power of your Story with Melanie Wilson

Melanie Wilson is a transformational coach and founder of She’ll Rise, LLC. A Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology is just the beginning of her note-worthy credentials. Melanie is also a certified cognitive behavior therapy practitioner, a certified mindset coach, and is certified in trauma-informed approaches. What truly sets Melanie apart from any other coach is her dedication to showing up authentically each and every day. Melanie utilizes the power of sharing her story in order to reach women who need the right kind of community. What kind of community is that, you ask? A community that steps into battle with you, meeting you with compassionate action. Within the She’ll Rise community, that is exactly what you’ll find. Aside from her role at She’ll Rise LLC, Melanie also serves women through 1:1 coaching, hosting undeniably valuable masterminds, leading group challenges, and hosting book clubs that foster amazing conversations among like-minded women who are ready to rise!

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