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May 17, 2021

Seeking Clarity through our Habits and Behaviors

Seeking Clarity through our Habits and Behaviors

This week’s guest is Sarah Levine

Short Bio on Sarah Levine:

highly imperfect pursuer of personal growth.

She believes one of the most powerful tools for this is habits — repeated actions that don’t require too much thought.

She spent almost 20 years working for a major Fortune 500 company, very career-centric before pushing it aside to concentrate on her family.

She’s a strategic thinker who likes to get things done – theory only appeals to her when it can become pragmatic. She is also a seeker of diverse perspectives, which is helpful since she’s spent much of her  adult life as an expat (an American who lives in Paris France).

Throughout her life she has been drawn to positive psychology and understanding how we get ourselves to change. Everything she does is to try and integrate those two things — doing better, while feeling better about ourselves and being happier.  Sarah consults with individuals and groups, and run online workshops to help move you forward.

Queen bee of the Happiness Habit Hive and she is also a  certified in Tiny Habits, the easy, incredibly-effective method to transform your behavior by Stanford behavioral scientist BJ Fogg PhD.  and she also has a catalog of other habit strategies just for you.

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