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May 31, 2021

Seeking Clarity through Getting Selfish Part 2

Seeking Clarity through Getting Selfish Part 2

This week’s guest is Anna Moats-Gibson

Short Bio on Anna Moats-Gibson :

Anna is a mom of 4, an entrepreneur, and a nurse and nurse educator. She is a very passionate woman with a heart of gold. As her background suggests, she is dedicated to helping others. She discovered the need to get the word out about awesome services and products. She now fills this need with her SHIFT framework and consulting services. After working with Anna, you will be clear on your brand story, your marketing strategy, ways to make money in the least amount of time/ effort, a framework proven to get your clients results, and a simple strategy to boost your mood, motivation, and metabolism! She recently learned that “getting selfish” is a must for her- this is her new-found passion!!

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