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Great podcast!!

Crystal is an amazing podcaster and so inspiring with her messages and guests!! Thank you Crystal for all that you do to help with mental health!

Generous, authentic and inspirational

Crystal is one of those gems of the human race who is generous and real. She brings that energy to her show and generously provides a space for inspiration and real conversation about the challenges we all face. I'm thrilled to have met her in Clubhouse and to have had the opportunity to sit and talk with her as a guest on the show.

Raw, honest and open

Crystal beautifully has vulnerable conversations that we need to hear, especially as women to know that we’re not alone. By hearing the challenges, inspirations and ways other women have overcome, inspires me to do the same! Her energy is contagious and she’s fun to listen to. Highly recommend this podcast!

Hit Subscribe!!!

Crystal is an amazing host with the most for sure!! She is smart & witty & warm. I was a guest on this podcast & Crystal made me feel right at ease, even in talking about a tough topic. She does not shy away from real stories but instead tackles them head on. Subscribe & you will be hooked!!!

Wonderful podcast!

I was introduced to Crystal’s podcast after being asked to be a guest on her show for my book, Unapologetic. I listened to a few shows to get acquainted with her podcast and what I was struck with was her extremely caring, friendly and down to earth demeanor. My experience on her show was just as positive. Talking with her felt like chatting with a old friend! That’s exactly how it feel as a listener to her podcast… it’s like listening in on two caring people discussing various topics. And what a wonderful concept- to discuss when one gained their moments of clarity. The nuggets we can all learn from others ah-ha moments is invaluable! I highly recommend this podcast!


If you’re looking for a fun and informative podcast that you’ll walk away having learned something about yourself you never knew then this is the podcast for you!

Generous Interviewer

I had the privilege of guesting on Crystal’s pod and she is a warm and wonderful host. The pod is illuminating and educational for sure.

Congrats Crystal!

Amazing podcast and a work well done altogether. Crystal guests are inspiring and the interviews led with empathy and warmth. Well done! @mindbloomyou

Super WOW listening!

A story of tragedy sprinkled with hope and healing.

Love, love, and love!!

If you haven't guessed by my title, I absolutely love this podcast! Crystal has a brilliant interview style with her guests and her content is always awesome!

What a great show

This is a great listen! So many different topics. Finally someone out there who isn’t afraid to be real and open up. I’ll be back for every episode. SUBSCRIBED*


Love this podcast if your looking for real topics, real advice, real life this is for you Crystal is such an amazing person.


Unlike the other person to review the podcast ! No where does it say astrology and gives a great description of what the podcast is about! Clarity ! On life !