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Aug. 16, 2021

How to get out of the Mental Maze with Gabby Cole

How to get out of the Mental Maze with Gabby Cole

Gabby is a 38-year-old full-time working mom of twin girls living in the Napa Valley. She may look like just another mom influencer trying to connect with other moms about their self-care routine. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Her North Star is to challenge traditional gender roles and empower women. She is here to ask her fellow moms the questions; Why is being a burnt-out mom the status quo? How are we supposed to raise confident women when the energy they are surrendered by is anything but. The methods given to moms have become accustomed to relying on are like band-aids on a gunshot wound. Spa day, girls night out, or a weekend getaway are all great temporary solutions but none of them address the heart of the problem; each mom must create their harmonious balance between, giving to themselves, giving to their families and managing expectations realistically. Without that balance we are lost in the maze of motherhood going through the motions.

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